Origami Flowers Articles

Ideas for Choosing the Right Origami Gift and Origami Flower

In this section of our website, you'll find a list of articles that we have written in order to help you choose the right origami gift, or origami flower gifts by providing you additional information such as the history and meaning of certain flowers, as well as many other ideas and suggestions.

Origami Flower Meanings

Origami Rose Color Meanings - Each color of the rose is associated with a symbolic meaning. Give more power to your message by choosing the right color!

When Should You Give An Origami Calla Lily? - The Calla Lily is one of the most beautiful flowers, and this remains true even when folded as an origami flowers. Learn the Calla Lily history now.

What Makes The Origami Camellia So Precious? - Learn about the history and meaning of the Camellia and why offering an origami camellia is indeed a great gift to offer someone you care about.

Mend Your Relationship With An Origami Morning Glory - Learn why giving an origami morning glory can save your relationship if only you know its meaning.

What Makes The Red Rose So Special? - You may know that the red rose is the symbol of love, but do you know how this came to be so? Learn more about this fascinating flower now.

Bell Flower: A Godly Gift To Celebrate An Unchanging Love - Learn the meanings of the bellflower as well as their origin through the legend of the Venus's Looking Glass and why this flower is a great gift.

Origami Flowers Are Not Paper Flowers - Learn what makes origami flowers so different than other types of artificial flowers and why you would want to choose them over fresh flowers.

Origami Flower Ideas

Origami Flowers: The New Remedy To Pollen Allergy! - Being victim of a pollen allergy is no longer a reason not to enjoy the company of beautiful flowers! Surround yourself with origami flowers instead.

Decorate Your Home With Origami Flowers - Not only origami flowers are beautiful and everlasting and are often thought of as gifts to others, they can also be used to brighten your home.

7 Dates To Give Origami Roses - Learn about 7 very important occasions when you really should consider giving paper origami roses, because those are the most appropriate dates.

5 Types Of Bouquets For A Perfect Wedding - Learn more about the 5 main types of bouquets and help yourself and your florist in the composition of your perfect bridal bouquet.

How To Choose The Right Bridal Bouquet For You - Read and learn how to choose the right bridal bouquet for your wedding depending on your build, personality and wedding gown!