More Origami Resources

In this section of our website, you will find links and information that could be of interest to you. Feel free to browse around and visit some of those sites^^.

Please note that while we believe in the value you can find on those sites, we have no affiliation to any of those websites, nor are we in any way responsible for the quality and accuracy of their content.

Origami Artists & Stores

  • Paper Gifts - This is the site of another origami artist Emma Tysoe, who has a personality as charming and friendly as the origami models she folds. She's specialized in folding Wedding Outfits copied into paper for First Wedding Anniversary
  • Ume Origami - This is a blog/store specialize in origami ningyo (japanese dolls). I have been impressed by the neat work done on those origami doll, and suggest you to go visit too.

Origami Information

  • Origami Resource Center - This site provides information about origami such as to diagrams, databases, book reviews, and ways to be a part of the paper folding community.
  • Paper Craft - This site provides links and reviews about and towards different origami and paper crafts resources and instruction.
  • Paper Folding in the Office: A Complete Guide to Origami - This site provides general information about origami, as well as the history and benefits of such art in everyday life.

Origami & Crafts Related Directories

  • Craft Site Directory - Very simple and straightforward directory listing interesting sites and resources related to arts and crafts on the Internet.