Custom Origami Work


I feel really very proud and excited when people tell us how much they love the origami flowers we have in our online store; however I understand that each person desires and requirements are truly unique, and no matter how many origami products I can create, they may never be exactly what you are looking for.

Therefore, I'm readily available for any kind of origami custom or commission work to create what you want exactly; just take my products displayed in the store as inspiration or ideas of what can be done.

To tell you the truth, around 80% of my orders are all custom requests!

While my specialty is without any doubt origami flowers (such as the Gaami™ collection I created for Habitat in UK & France), I've often being commissioned to do other origami creation based on the trust people have in me and my work; such as creating custom origami cars and diagrams for kids, or logo in origami such as the recent project I was commissioned by Google for their Google Android™; all among countless exciting projects.

I'm confident that I can help you with your special request, so don't hesitate to contact me now! 


Please find below a small gallery of some of the custom work I've been commissioned to do; I can't publish them all as some have privacy policy request.

Origami Architecture 01 Origami Boxes Gaami Flowers Golden Venture Boat Origami Architecture 02
3D Modular Swans 3D Architectural Frame 3D Modular Dragonfly 3D Modular Bee 3D Modular Mantis
Origami Rose Frame 3D Cherry Blossoms Frame 3D Lotus Frame Origami Kusudama 3D Modular Flying Swans
3D Modular Thai Barge 3D Modular Swan Basket 3D Modular Golden Dragon 01 3D Modular Golden Dragon 02 Golden Venture Peacock
3D Modular Peacock 3D Modular Small Basket Origami Dogwood Blossoms Origami Android Golden Venture Dragonfly