Bell Flower A Godly Gift To Celebrate An Unchanging Love

Origami Bell Flower

The Bell Flower is a popular flower among Chinese who name it “Jie Geng” and Japanese who name it “Kikyou”; in English, this flower is also usually known as “Balloon Flower” or “Campanula”.

The Bell Flower is the symbol of Unchanging Love, Honesty, and Obedience.

It is indeed a great gift for someone who is special to you. In order for you to understand even more so why, let’s learn about more about this amazing flower from facts and legends.

Legend Of The Venus’s Looking Glass

To understand even more why offering a Bell Flower as gift is a great idea, let’s journey together in the past, in a time where gods were almighty and powerful.

It all started in the room of Venus, the roman goddess of love and beauty. As all gods and goddess should, Venus had in her possession a very powerful artifact, a magic mirror.

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Origami Bell Flower

While the mirror itself didn’t look anything overly extraordinary, its magic power was the ability to transform anything, no matter how ugly into something beautiful. This magic mirror will reflect nothing but beauty!

Unfortunately for Venus, one day she accidentally lost her precious magic mirror, and this is where our legend begins…

This is when an unsuspecting shepherd boy found Venus’s mirror while herding. Casually, he started looking at himself into the mirror and began to have a strange feeling of happiness. He then decided to keep that mirror with him.

As the magic of the mirror was activated, Venus became immediately informed of the whereabouts of her precious mirror. She then summoned Cupid to go down to Earth and retrieve her possession.

Swiftly, Cupid went to visit the shepherd boy and asked him to return the mirror to the goddess Venus. Unfortunately, the boy was already under the spell of the mirror. A mere mortal like him couldn’t withstand the power of such godly artifact, and thus refused to separate himself from the magic mirror.

Haste makes waste, and this is exactly what happened to Cupid at that time. In his overzealous intent to retrieve the godly mirror, Cupid shot shepherd’s hand to make him release the mirror… unfortunately as the boy lost his grip on the artifact; the mirror fell on the floor and shattered.

As Venus’s mirror shattered in small pieces, everywhere a fragment of it landed on the ground, a bell flower bloomed out of it.

It is for that reason that people at that time called this flower the “Venus’s Looking Glass Flower”. Even today, the glowing seeds of the bell flowers are a reminder of its legendary origin…

Today’s Facts About The Campanula Bell Flower

The campanula has a unique shape with a base inflated a bit like a balloon (where its nickname) and the top in a star shape. The petals of the Bell Flower are curved out as if in defense and thus are often compared to a young lady that cannot be offended.

The common colors for the Bell Flower are purple, blue, pink, and white.

While being a beautiful flower to decorate your home or garden, the bell flower is also used by Chinese as medicine, and the edible roots often used in Korean cooking.

Now that you know more about this flower, don't you agree that offering an Origami Bell Flower is truly a Godly Gift?