About Us

"Origami Delight differentiate itself from other origami stores by not only providing exclusively premium high quality origami flowers, but also by having them dressed in real origami leafage rather than a cheap artificial fake one; all packaged with never seen before iron-clad service guarantees in this industry."

Why Should You Shop Here?

"You may just be coming here to buy a product, but what you'll get is an amazing experience!"

You probably have heard people saying or asking "I'll do it if you can just give me ONE good reason..."; well we aren't going to force you to shop here, however we can certainly give you SEVEN good reasons why if you decide to do so, you'll have an amazing experience:

1) Our Reputation


Habitat Gaami Collection

Trust is key when it comes to buying something online, and therefore we strongly believe that reputation does matter in this regard. I myself always ask about the peoples ethics, will they send me my products, and will the products meet my expectations? Is there any proof that can help me shop in confidence?

Our business ethics are very high standard and we believe that being featured on cover of business magazine as "People of the Week" should be more than proof of it. Over the years Origami Delight have been trusted by countless individuals and corporations from someone buying an origami rose for his girlfriend to multi-billions dollars company such as Google.com (origami androids event) or Habitat.co.uk (Gaami collection). If we are trustable enough for Google to commission us, and if our products (and production capacity) meet the European export quality standards for Habitat to make us official supplier for an entire collection, then chances are that you can trust us too.

2) Our Products


In origami, there are many different ways to fold similar designs and flowers, at Origami Delight, the only way used is the one that delivers premium origami flowers. We are talking about origami flowers that are so detailled that they looks just like real flowers! Furthermore, our bouquets are totally uniques and you won't find them anywhere else.

3) Our Delivery and Deliverability

Let us make it as simple as possible for you here. Origami Delight not only delivers worldwide, but shipping/handling is also free! (for orders above $100) You need Express delivery? No problems we can do it. You need a special shipping company? No problems we can arrange it for you. Remember, your satisfaction is our goal, so if you have any request do not hesitate to ask us. You can find more information regarding delivery here.

Everything is folded in-house so we'll never be "out of stock", which ensures that you'll get your order in a timely manner as expected.

4) Our Customer Service


We understand that you may have special questions, needs, or requests and this is why communication between us is extremely important. Therefore, at Origami Delight customer service is key. We will follow up with you, our relationship doesn't end once we got your money. We are always accessible be it through live chat support, instant messenger, phone or email. There's always a convenient way for you to get in touch with us!

5) Our Selection

Origami Delight simply offers the widest range of origami flower types, arrangement and bouquets you can find online or offline. Also we regularly update and come up with new inovative designs. Feeling inspired but not yet seeing exactly what you are looking for? No problem, we can customize any of our bouquets to meet or your needs, or create a brand new one for you. Your imagination is the limit here.

6) Our Guarantees and Risk Reversal Policies

Our confidence in our products and services is such that we back it all up with our "Total Safisfaction Experience" guarantees. Truly unseen in this industry, no one else provides such risk reversal policies to put your mind at ease as we do:

  • 30 days satisfaction guaranteed or your money back 
  • Lifetime quality guarantee - We believe so much in the quality of our products that if any defect happens we'll change it for you for free anytime, even 10 years from now.

7) Our Prices

Origami Delight is a premium origami providers, and while all our product may not fit the wallet of everybody, ALL our products have the most competitive price you'll ever find. You get the best products at the best prices.

That's right, we challenge you to find the same products with the same quality, services, and guarantees that we provide at a better price. And guess what, if you do, we'll gladly refund you back the difference!

The "Eighth Reason"

If all the previous reasons are not enough, let us give you one more: YOU.

That's right there's a reason why you come here in the first place:

  • If you are a corporation, then you probably need our services for the decoration of an event or marketing campaign. Can you really afford to take any chance and go with someone with less credentials than us? What would become of your campaign if the products are not delivered on time or not folded nicely? At Origami Delight, our reputation stands behind our actions, with us you don't get a service, you get a result!
  • If you are an individual, then you problably need our origami flowers for your wedding or as gift. Origami flowers are not just paper flowers, they are carriers of memories. If you are planning an origami wedding, there's no need to tell you that your wedding day is the most important day of your life. Can you really take a chance with someone else less experienced? If you are offering a gift, will it not represent and express your feelings? Don't you want to make sure that you give the best impression possible?

Origami flowers are known to last forever, just ask yourself what kind of flowers you want to last forever... simple cheap ones or beautiful ones?

Origami Delight